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"One hundred percent I have to audition unless I’m playing something in my wheelhouse. If I’m doing a vampire thing, they better hire me. You’ve seen my vampire act."

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no why

a marshmallow is squished beneath the weight of knowledge

pretty sure those are albums

that is one colorful, fluffy marshmallow i want it

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Aaaah, okay then. :) A letter wiill be coming to you~

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Thank you. So exciting~


It Can’t Rain All The Time - Motivational Art Quote - Childrens illustration - Watercolour Pen Drawing - Original Art - Home Decor by FeatherAndSixpence (25.00 GBP)

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Well that's the thing I don't know exactly what kind of candy to send you. :p How about Starburst? :o And nooooo i just havent gotten around on writing you back. I'm terribly sorry. :\

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I’ve never hear of it but sounds good to me. Make me taste your favoutire candy for example.

With all this globalization it’s easier to find everything everywhere but I’ve always heard about nerds and peeps and we don’t find them that easly here. 

I’ll not recomend send chocolate tho just because it may spoil in the travel :/

You’re not terrible I understand life is busy :)